writing a Press Release

In the art world, one of the most common publicity tools is the press release. Press releases are intended to be promotional pieces and to inform your followers of your current activities while attracting the interest of new art enthusiasts as well. Press releases have been shown to be a great tool for getting the word out and generating a greater degree of exposure for your work.

However, for a press release to be effective in the art world, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. The bottom line is, you want your press release to be a presentation of the facts while also intriguing the reader and creating a brand for your unique approach to art. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to writing a press release for your art.

  • Make the title effective: Remember that the title of your press release is the first thing that’s going to be seen and is actually considered by many to be the single most important line of the entire press release. Thus, it’s important that it has an impact to catch the attention of the reader. The general rule of thumb is to keep the title concise and punchy. It should contain both your name as the artist and a short description of your work, one that will intrigue the reader to find out more.
  • Keep it in the third person: When it comes to press releases, the third person is going to be the most effective, as it comes off as the most professional. You want your writing style to be crisp and engaging for the audience. You should avoid the use of any “I’s” or “we’s” and instead stick to good journalistic-style writing.
  • Provide a solid description of your artistic style: Again, the purpose of your press release is to attract art buyers and collectors, so you want to give them a fairly detailed idea of what your art is all about. Talk about your art in terms of subject but also style, composition, form, and color. Give them an idea of where your art is coming from, the ideas you are working with, and what has inspired you along your journey.
  • Keep personal information to a minimum: Remember, the focus should be on your art above all else. While including your name and country of origin is important, and perhaps where you currently live and work, you’ll want to keep other details to a single sentence or so.

Writing concise, powerful press releases is some of the most important marketing work you are going to do, as it drives collectors and art enthusiasts to your work. If your time is limited or you feel you are more competent in the visual realm than in the written, then hiring someone to write your press release for you might be your best bet. This will ensure that your press release is the effective, professional promotional tool you’re looking for.