Artist Statement Assistance



Get help writing your artist statement. Artist statements can be challenging to write, but they are a vital part of an artist’s information. We’re here to help.


Let our talented writers help you put your unique perspective into words.

Artist statements are an artist’s chance to give viewers of their work an extra insight into what they’re seeing. They can add depth and meaning to the viewing experience, and increase the audience’s appreciation of an artist’s skill and intentions

Yet artists often experience difficulty in putting words around their innermost feelings and ideas. It can be challenging, and even frustrating, to try to translate the visual and the emotional into verbal expression.

We’re here to help. Our professional writers can assist you in crafting an artist statement that will reflect you and your work. After you fill in our questionnaire, we’ll provide you with a first draft, and work with you until you’re fully satisfied with every word.

Artist statements vary between 100 and 300 words depending on your personal preferences and the information you provide.

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