Promote your Art

Promoting your art is enormously important to developing a career as an artist. However wonderful your art may be, it won’t find admirers and buyers unless people are introduced to it first – and that’s where the promotion comes in. It might be tempting to simply create art and hope that it’s ‘discovered’ all by itself someday, but it’s not really realistic and doesn’t give your work the chance it deserves to be seen.

There are many different kinds of promotion, and which ones are right for you is something that only you can decide. You can consider local promotional efforts, often a powerful tool particularly if you live in an area where people like to support local talent. There is both the national and international stage to consider – with the internet, you really can reach across the world to find the people who love your work.

The crucial thing to remember is that there’s no substitute for putting thought and energy into your promotion yourself, and that to be successful, your promotional efforts should be consistent, well planned and continuous. For more advice on specific kinds of promotion for your art, check out our helpful articles.

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