About Us

When it comes to promotional material, E4A aims to provide exactly what the name promises – everything for artists, from design and the composition of text to printing and shipping the products. There are many services that artists require in order to build up a professional and appealing portfolio, to promote their work and exhibitions, and generally increase their exposure. At E4A, our mission is to give artists the help they need to make sure that their art gets the attention it deserves.

The awareness of the need for such a service originally came from many years of interacting with and representing artists through Agora Gallery, a Chelsea gallery which aims to introduce and promote artists in the New York market. It became increasingly clear that while not every artist wanted representation, many artists did need help in specific areas, or creating certain materials. To meet this need, the independent subsidiary E4A was created, so that this experience could be put to good use and give artists the help that they need with promotion so that they can concentrate on creating art!

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