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Get your work reviewed by an art critic. Press releases are essential to how artists promote themselves. If you don’t have a press release you’re happy with, we’re here to help.

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Our team of art critics is available to compose a press release tailored to your work and influences.

Press Releases are a major part of the way that most artists promote their work, and can be useful in diverse contexts, from exhibitions to portfolios to media interviews. A press release will focus on your artwork – its style, distinctive characteristics, and the elements that make your work so appealing. It may also contain brief biographical details, to give a broader picture of who you are as an artist.

It is crucial that a Press Release be well-written and professional in tone, so that it can reflect your work in a positive light and encourage your audience to develop an interest in your work. Our expert writers will bring their in-depth knowledge of art and art history, as well as their deep appreciation of contemporary art, to the process of writing your Press Release.

We offer both ‘Standard’ and ‘Extended’ length options for Press Releases. Standard Press Releases are 210-230 words in length, while Extended Press Releases are 320-340 words. We also offer a special VIP edition of a 900-1000 word article along with an additional 350 word long version, to use in various publications.

Additional Information

Additional Information
You Provide:

A completed questionnaire; biographical information; a least five sample images of your artwork

Creation Time:

Typically about 4 weeks from the time you send your information. Varies depending on the number of revisions required and your response rate.

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